Whenever, If Ever

Today was an exciting one here at our office as it saw the unveiling of two very special, near and dear records and our first foray into putting out a book (even if it has 200 pages and probably less than 200 words, haha). The humbling feeling of validation when you see something you believe in getting such widespread praise and support is something I hope everyone gets to experience at some point or another, even if in just some simple small way. The response to these records going on sale today — the culmination of years of planning, writing, setbacks, collaborating, personal sacrafice, etc. — is just that. So I’m sure when I say thank you for your support I speak for Hilary, Evan, everyone here at Topshelf and everyone in The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, collectively.

So now, I am faced with the difficult decision of acknowledging that Whenever, If Ever is actively leaking a month before it’s release date. You can probably Google for it right now and get it.

This is arguably the biggest release we’ll have all year as a label and this spoils a lot of planning we had in place over the last few months, but these things happen. This also forces me to acknowledge the real-world truth that yes, records cost money. This oft-avoided subject in our community is a reality for everyone who tours or postpones real life to make music in nearly any capacity. It’s a thing. This record is no different.

So against my better judgement, we’ve made Whenever, If Ever available to:

Anyone who has pre-ordered the record already — thank you, sincerely — you’ll be getting downloads as soon as I can get everything set up (we weren’t planning on sending them for another month after all).

So, I’m appealing to you all to please use the above URLs to share, acquire and experience this record. I understand it’s 2013 and you can download and share this for free (and we’re not going to stop you) but I’m not doing my job if I don’t ask. Heh, I don’t have a job if I don’t ask.

Thanks, you guys.

"Let’s hope that this works out; this has got to work out"

-The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, “Fightboat”

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    I’ve streamed the record three or four times now. The verdict is in — it’s good! Do what you can to support the hard...
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