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Modern Baseball, Old Gray, The Hundred Acre Woods & Julia Brown 4-way V-Day charity split


Hello! Today we’re excited to announce that we’re hosting a 4-way digital split featuring Modern Baseball, Old Gray, The Hundred Acre Woods & Julia Brown. All proceeds from the split (after Bandcamp fees) will go to V-Day, a global movement to end violence against women and girls.

"With all of our respective bands currently working to promote records of our own, we thought it would be nice to come together and try to use any attention that we’ve recieved as bands to help give back to the community. Thus, on Valentine’s Day of this year, Modern Baseball, Old Gray, Julia Brown, and The Hundred Acre Woods have decided to release a four way digital split, donating any and all proceeds to V-Day, a global charity to end violence against women and girls." 

-Cam Boucher, Old Gray

The split is now available for purchase on our bandcamp with downloads being sent out at 4pm EST tomorrow (~Valentine’s Day~).

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    Old grey!
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    Everyone get on this. If you don’t, your life will suuuuuuuck
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    if you dont listen youre really missing out.
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    This is great. Old Gray’s ‘With Hands Like These’ is killer sad, but killer.
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    now, and all the money made goes to a very good cause. happy valentines
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    So excited for this!!!!!
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    Everyone ch-ch-check it out! (I did the the album art, oh boy)
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    buy this and support V day and listen to some dope tunes
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    Check out this awesome split from our friends in Old Gray and The Hundred Acre Woods.
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    Liz Barr, blowin’ up.
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    This is going to be awesome and has some awesome friends on it. Be excited.
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