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Have Mercy to record debut LP with J. Robbins // touring with Dads this December


Having just wrapped up a tour in support of The Jealous Sound, Baltimore, MD’s Have Mercy will be hitting the road with Dads this winter. Dates are below:

  • Dec 5th Alexandria VA @ Little Man’s Garage
  • Dec 6th Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
  • Dec 7th VA Beach @ THIBS
  • Dec 8th Boone, NC @ The Woods Circle House
  • Dec 9th Columbia, SC @ Unit One Art Space
  • Dec 10th Savannah , GA @ Taco Abajo
  • Dec 11th Tallahassee , FL @ The Hidden Hand
  • Dec 12th Birmingham AL, @ TBA
  • Dec 13th Nashville, TN  @ The Owl Farm
  • Dec 14th St. Louis MO @ TBA
  • Dec 15th Little Rock IL @ TBA
  • Dec 16th Chesterton,IN @ Sound Cellar.
  • Dec 17th Chicago, IL @ Township
  • Dec 18th Grand Rapids @ The Turtle Den
  • Dec 19th Columbus, OH @ Kobo
  • Dec 20th Buffalo, NY @ The Forvm
  • Dec 21st Pittsburgh, PA @ 222 Ormbsy

The band will also be in the studio with renowned producer J. Robbins to record their debut LP which will be out next year. You can follow Have Mercy on twitter, tumblr & facebook if you want to, ya know?

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