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Summer pre-orders, re-presses & new releases!


Cut Teeth's debut EP, Televandalism, completely rips and reminds us a lot of what we love so much about bands like These Arms Are Snakes. Please check them out and pick up the record if you haven’t yet!

Prawn just got back back from their EU / UK tour and are getting ready to hit the road again with Calculator. Their new EP LP Ships is still up for pre-order on our store, though — an update on this one: it’s been delayed significantly due to some issues with the audio on vinyl not sounding as good as we want it to — with the band having been overseas, for over a month, troubleshooting this has been a slower than normal process. We’ll keep you posted.


Essential summer listening just got a re-press.

Suis La Lune's phenomenal new full length record, Riala, went out of press really fast, you guys! We’ve got a re-press for it up now, though!

Long out of print, My Heart to Joy's Reasons to Be is the last hurrah of one of the most essential bands in our brief catalog. We’ve put in a re-press for the 7” and expect to have it in over the next month. Pre-order it here.

One of the more prominent splits we’ve ever been a part of, The Saddest Landscape & Pianos Become the Teeth’s split 7” has also gotten a facelift and is getting the re-press treatment.

Out now!

We’re more than halfway through what has been / is shaping up to be a really busy summer for us. In addition to the re-presses and pre-orders above, Pswingset’s All Our False Starts LP, Sirs’ S/T LP & Duck. Little Brother, Duck!’s Don’t Take Our Filth Away! LP are all officially out now. Below is information on where you can pick up / listen to each.

Sirs - S/T LP
Stream it / purchase it digitally / purchase it on vinyl
There’s been a slight delay with the manufacturing of the records and they won’t ship until July 13.

Pswingset - All Our False Starts LP
Stream it / purchase it digitally / purchase it on vinyl
Production for this record is on time and we expect records to be shipping on or before July 31. Downloads were sent yesterday to those who pre-ordered — please email us if you didn’t receive one!

Duck. Little Brother, Duck! - Don’t Take Our Filth Away
Stream it / purchase it digitally on iTunes / purchase it digitally on bandcamp / purchase it on vinyl
There’s been a slight delay with the manufacturing of the records and they won’t ship until July 17.

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